As a recruiter, your job is to attract and delight your prospects. Especially during recruitment fairs, where your prospects are speaking to so many recruiters at once, it can be difficult to set yourself and your company apart from the rest. One of the best ways to leave an impression on your prospects is to make use of promotional products. Not only will promotional products attract prospects and make them remember you, but they will also make your prospects feel special and show that your company cares about its employees. We’ve compiled a list of the top reasons why recruiters should consider using promotional products.

1. Attract People to Your Table

At recruitment fairs, promotional products are the best way to attract people to your table. People are more likely to walk up to a table with a lot going on, as your table will appear more interesting and they will see potential gifts for themselves. If visitors see other people walking around with a particularly interesting promotional product from your table, they will be more likely to seek out your table to get one of those products. In addition to gifts for prospects, promotional product companies can help decorate your table with branded tablecloths and uniforms. These personal touches will make your table more attractive, enticing more people to visit your table.

2. Leave a Lasting Impression

One of the best aspects of promotional products is that they give your prospects something to take home. For this reason, your prospects will remember your company after your initial meeting. When you give your prospects a useful, high-quality product, they will think of your company every time they use your product and associate it with good quality. Giving your prospects a quality gift will also show them that your company goes the extra mile, making them more likely to want to work for a company that cares about its employees. A fun promotional product will also show off your company culture, making your company more attractive. Even if your prospect does not end up taking a position with your company, they will continue to use a quality promotional product, creating more impressions for your company over time.

3. Set Your Company Apart

During recruitment fairs and even during job searches in general, prospects are speaking to many different recruiters and looking at lots of different companies. The average college graduate will apply to 23 jobs in the first three months following their graduation. With so many potential employers, you’ll want to set yourself apart. Promotional products will make your company look good, helping prospects associate high quality with your brand and showing them that your company cares about its employees. Going through the extra effort of giving a valuable and useful gift will also show prospects that you’re very interested in them. When your company shows strong interest in a prospect, they will get excited about working for a company in which they feel valued.

4. Keep Prospects at Your Table

Attracting prospects to your table at recruitment fairs is important, but the best way to generate interest in your company is to keep them at your table long enough to discuss your company at length. Adding a branded activity or interesting promotional product is a great way to keep prospects at your table. One great example of this idea is a promotional phone charging station. Not only will prospects come up to your table to charge their phones, but they will also stay at your table while their phones are charging. The station gives prospects an incentive to stay at your table, giving you the opportunity to talk about your company while they charge their phones. When you keep prospects at your table for time beyond your initial pitch, you’re more likely to convert them.

5. Show Prospects You Understand Them

Giving your prospects promotional products can make them feel important, but the right promotional product will show your prospects that you understand them. When choosing promotional products to give to your prospects, choose ones that relate to your ideal prospect for the position. For example, if you’re looking to attract tech savvy people, consider a computer or smart phone accessory. If you’re looking for outdoorsy prospects for an adventure brand, outerwear might be the right choice. A promotional product can show that you care, but the right promotional product will show your prospects that you understand what they need and want, which will make them more likely to want to work for your company.

6. Attract and Organize Most Valuable Prospects

When you work with the right promotional product company, they can provide you with tools to help you organize the prospects you talk to during recruitment fairs. One method for this organization is through special packaging with variable data. These packages will feature unique codes that, when entered online, will take them to a unique landing page. You can then allow your more valuable prospects to select an additional free promotional item.

The best aspect of packaging with variable data is the fact that you can separate the promotional products by the different codes. You can then rank your prospects, giving your most valuable prospects the ability to select higher quality promotional products. Not only will this help you foster interest in your most valuable prospects, but it can also help you track their behavior, allowing you to organize your prospects based on their interest. Using this packing will help you go the extra mile with your most valuable prospects and increase their interest in your company.