You know that promotional products are sure to drive people to your table at trade  shows – but what products will make your booth stand out from the others? Instead of  pens, magnets and other commonly offered tchotchkes, deck your booth with unique  items that your prospective customers aren’t expecting. Better yet, make your  products more than just unique – choose items that fit your company vision! Before  your next trade show, consider showcasing your company with exciting promotional  products like these:

1. Meat Thermometer

This high-end product will spice up your booth and set you apart from other  companies. Perfect for those in the restaurant or food industry, this memorable item  will grill your brand into consumers’ minds as they cook up their most delicious food.

2. ​Inflatable Beverage Float

Get prospects floating over to your booth with this playful product that adds a whole  new level to fun in the sun. A current pool trend, a branded inflatable beverage float is  both convenient and quirky. This item is the perfect trade show addition for any  company involved in the beverage industry or related to outdoor summer fun.

3. Sunscreen & Hand Sanitizer

If your company is involved in healthcare or wellness, why not provide a branded  product that will actually help consumers take control of their health? Whether  protecting themselves from the hot summer sun or fending off that dreaded winter  cold, remind prospects who is helping them by placing your logo on the bottle. At trade  shows, consumers will love receiving free products they were bound to buy anyway!

4. Air fresheners

Draw prospects to your booth with the refreshing scents of branded car air fresheners.  Perfect for automotive companies or those involved in travel, this simple but  sense-pleasing product will literally dangle your company name in front of consumers  every time they look in their rearview mirrors!

5. ​Earbud Cable Organizer

Get consumers wound up about your company by offering this chic and convenient  trinket. People always appreciate help with organization, so if your company involves  electronics, why not provide a cool new way to keep those earbuds untangled? That  way, every time they go to listen to their favorite music, they’ll get your company  name stuck in their head.

6. Travel Makeup Bag

Have prospects glowing by offering a cute and useful makeup bag. Not only is this  promotional product convenient, but many will appreciate its high-end essence, which  sets your booth apart from those handing out smaller items. If your industry deals  with beauty, this is the perfect trade show treat to reinforce your brand name while  consumers glam on-the-go.

7. Athletic Banger Sticks

These noisy sticks are perfect for university booths. Strike up some school spirit by  offering this fun product to liven up any college sporting event. While prospects expect  school branded apparel, they will be pleased to receive an entertainment-focused  promotional item that leaves them with an enjoyable image of your university.


These days, your company logo can be put onto just about everything – so why not  make your products match your mission? Don’t limit yourself! Find creative items that  reinforce your company’s industry. So next time you prepare for a trade show, set out to be the booth that people talk about even after they leave.