With the holidays right around the corner, everyone is starting to think about the perfect gift for everyone in their life. If you run a business, among these considerations is what to get your employees. You’ll want to make your employees feel special and show them you care during this special time of the year. You also want to choose a gift that rewards them for the hard work they’ve put in. Not only are gifts an effective way to show employee appreciation, but they can also have a huge impact on employee retention. Remember, employees who feel valued and appreciated are much more likely to stick around. Most business owners want to get their employees something nice, but they’re not sure where to begin. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top gift ideas to get for your employees this holiday season.

1. Drink Ware

One of the most popular holiday gifts for employees is drink ware. Most of your employees probably drink coffee or tea in the office and throughout their day. For this reason, high quality drink ware can be a very useful and thoughtful gift. Consider well-insulated tumblers to keep beverages hot or cold on the go. You might also want to consider a high-quality mug for your employee’s desk at work. For all of these different options, you can provide good quality drink ware, complete with your branding. This type of drink ware is a very thoughtful gift that employees will use and enjoy.

2. Outerwear

Branded apparel is an excellent choice for an employee gift. To really stand out from the key branded apparel items that are commonly chosen, give your employees a quality jacket or fleece. When you choose top quality outerwear as a holiday gift, employees get a gift that will last. Not only will they get use out of it for years to come, but they’ll also truly enjoy the outerwear and be grateful to you for giving them something they actually need. A nice jacket will last them for years and remind them of you each time they wear it.

3. Bluetooth Speaker

Everyone loves to listen to music, making Bluetooth speakers a wonderful gift! Bluetooth speakers are compatible with almost everyone’s phone, meaning all of your employees will be able to use them. Bluetooth speakers are portable and allow users to listen to music wherever they want without worrying about wires and compatibility. These speakers are very useful and provide a new way for your employees to enjoy something they already love, making them the perfect gift! Additionally, these speakers can be branded with your logo to remind your employees of your company each time they enjoy their music. For a useful gift your employees will love and enjoy, Bluetooth speakers are a great choice.

4. Headphones

Everyone needs headphones, but people are constantly losing them! For this reason, headphones are a great gift. People often do not want to invest in high quality headphones, buying cheap pair after cheap pair. For this reason, consider buying branded earbuds, wireless earbuds, or Bluetooth headphones for your employees this holiday season. Headphones are a very useful and practical gift, but are also very nice and thoughtful.

5. Phone Chargers

Everyone needs a phone charger, so providing your employees with a travel phone charger is a great gift! You can choose a car charger or a portable power bank, including adapters and different cables to accommodate every type of phone. Because people are always loosing or breaking their phone chargers, they make a very practical and thoughtful gift. Additionally, a better phone charger that won’t break and the option to charge your phone on the go make this gift unique. You can even add your company’s branding to these gifts, making them the perfect gift for your employees this holiday season.

6. Bags

A good quality bag is always a good option for a holiday gift. You might consider tote bags featuring your logo or even branded backpacks. Different types of bags will be suited well for different employees, with women more likely to appreciate a tote bag and people in athletic industries more likely to use a backpack. The type of bag you choose is up to you, but everyone can always use another bag, making them a great gift! If the bag is high quality and doesn’t wear out, your employees will use them for years. Another great aspect of branded bags is that you can use them to package other gifts for employees! When you choose this option, you provide your employees with a gift inside a gift.

7. Food

Who doesn’t love food? Especially around the holiday season! Branded snacks and treats are a great option for employee gifts or as stocking stuffers. People will always feel special and thoroughly enjoy holiday treats. You might opt for a snack or candy featuring your branding. You could also choose food items that can be consumed for Christmas dinner. Many companies choose to leave employee gifts on their desks, but you can even personalize a food package and have it delivered to your employee’s home! No matter what type of food item you choose, food always makes a great employee gift for the holiday season.

8. Gift Sets

Most employers want to get something nice for their employees during the holiday season, but it can be difficult to choose a specific gift. If you’re having trouble choosing a gift, consider a holiday gift set! These sets have all different options in different price ranges, from a business card holder and pen set, to a knick-knack and food set, and even drink ware sets. There are countless options for holiday gift sets, and each one will be put together and packaged for you. If you want to get a good holiday gift for your employees but you don’t know what to choose, pre-packaged gift sets are a great option.