Your CRM is a valuable resource to manage your company’s relationships. You can use it to track the lifecycle of your customers, from initial meetings to long after you’ve won their business. Your CRM allows you to focus on individual relationships, monitoring them as well as taking steps to nurture and improve them through every step of the sales process. Your sales staff likely uses a CRM to track customer engagement already, but there’s always room for improvements and added value. Incorporating promotional products into your CRM is a great way to ease your sales process and get more value out of your CRM.

The Importance of a CRM

Your CRM is the best way to keep track of your company’s sales process. Sales people can monitor their leads and customers and make notes throughout the sales process. Sales people and management can track the typical lifespan of the sales process in order to assess areas of weakness and make improvements. In addition to the potential for improvements, your CRM is essential to the development of client relationships. You can create a strategy to take action at every stage of the sales process in order to usher leads into the next stage. You can improve the sales process while nurturing your relationships with clients and keeping them happy.

How Can Promotional Products Help the Sales Process?

For companies with more than 1000 employees, promotional products can be easily integrated into your sales process. A unique strategy will be developed to best suit your sales process and your customers. You might send a promotional product as a “thank you” after an initial meeting, or as a follow up after closing a deal. These promotional products will enhance your customers’ experience, making them feel special by giving them a product that’s not only useful, but enjoyable as well.

Promotional products contribute more value than simply making your customers happy, though. Giving your potential customers promotional products will create a relationship with your company before they buy and allow that relationship to persist long after they’ve made a purchase. Promotional products are a unique and tangible method to connect with people and leave a lasting impression. In conjunction with meetings, they will enhance your company’s interactions with clients, leaving an impression between meetings and reminding them of your company when you’re not in the room.

The Perfect Promotion Can Add Value to Your CRM

The Perfect Promotion can work with your company to create a unique program that seamlessly syncs with your CRM, enhancing your current sales process without disruption. When you work with a member of The Perfect Promotion team, they will have intimate knowledge of your business and its goals, allowing them to make suggestions to improve your sales process. This program is NOT one size fits all; it’s completely customizable for different types of businesses. The Perfect Promotion will work with you to develop a strategy that works for your business, delighting your customers at every stage of the sales process, developing your relationships with customers, and efficiently moving them to the next stage of the sales process-ultimately shortening the sales cycle.

In addition to improving your overall sales process, this program will reduce the work for each individual sales person. The Perfect Promotion can send out customer gifts at the appropriate stages of the sales process, developing customer relationships after and between interactions. It will lead to happier customers with better relationships with your company without any extra effort on the part of your sales person. Without added efforts, the efficiency of your sales process will increase.

Integrating promotional products into your sales process will show customers that your company goes the extra mile. It’s an opportunity to delight your potential customers before you make the sale and to remind customers of your business long after they make a purchase. Because The Perfect Promotion is in the business of creativity, we can provide creative strategies and ideas to enhance your sales process and improve your customer experience.