Project Description



Voya Mini Bench and Orange Money Paperweight


Create a small bench that would be reminiscent of ING’s bench branding, which was iconic in the past years, while incorporating Voya’s new identity.  This item would be displayed at press interviews on air and distributed internally during the new brand launch.  In tandem with this assignment, we were to create an orange money paperweight.  This was the symbolic image that launched the announcement of Voya’s new identity.  This would be used to remind employees of their mission, the value of savings, and their commitment to helping customers on their journey to retirement.


We wanted to merge ING’s beloved bench with Voya’s new branding – marrying the old and the new.  By using ING’s old bench layout with Voya’s new logo and signature orange color we were able to successfully merge the two into a marketing device that stood out without losing the traditional feel of the bench.  This completely custom project gave Voya the unique look they strive for, while adhering to brand guidelines.  Clean, crisp, vibrant and powerful – they launched their brand and left lasting brand impressions on everyone who saw it.  In designing the orange money paperweight we wanted to create an item with a high perceived value that tied into Voya’s campaign launch to save for retirement, but would have usability as well.  The orange money has become the trademark of Voya’s identity and we wanted to preserve that, make it a daily reminder to employees of their commitment to helping clients, as well as stand as a substantial gift for stake holders.  The encased orange money highlights the importance of preserving money for the future.