Friday, September 15, 2017, West Harford, CT – On Monday, September 11th, The Perfect Promotion partnered with Woodland Movers and Warehouse and local iHeartMedia radio stations for a hurricane relief drive to directly benefit two small towns outside of Houston devastated in Hurricane Harvey in late August.

From 8 in the morning until 5 in the evening on Monday, residents from the greater West Hartford area brought their donations to the 18-wheeler parked outside of The Perfect Promotion on Farmington Avenue in West Hartford.

The community pooled together over 15,000 pounds worth of supplies, including full pallets of water, dog food, and diapers, two full pallets of brand new shirts and sweaters, along with over 20 other pallets stacked with clothes, school supplies, food, other pet supplies, furniture, and more.

Wharton and Boling are two small towns outside of Houston that were directly impacted by the storm. An industry partner of The Perfect Promotion has a warehouse located in Lane City, TX, where the full semi-truck began its journey to late Thursday morning. The donations will be sorted and distributed to the two communities directly by the staff of the warehouse.

Many of those who reside in Wharton and Boling, including some staff of the Pepco Poms warehouse, lost everything to the storm, and many are still working to recover lost items, rebuild from the damage, and get flood water out of their beloved homes.

The overwhelming response by the community to support these towns fiercely damaged by Harvey was heartwarming. The Perfect Promotion, Woodland Movers and Warehouse, and iHeartMedia sincerely thank all who brought donations for their generosity.

For more information, please reach out to The Perfect Promotion at 860-523-1200, or visit the website at