Trade shows provide a valuable opportunity to showcase your business and what it can offer consumers. Signing up for a trade show is a great first step to promoting your brand, but once you get there, there will be hundreds of other companies with the same goal. To stand out at these events, smart companies use branded gear that promotes interest in their booths and, in turn, their businesses. We’ve compiled a list of tips that will help you use branded gear to take your trade show setup to the next level.

‘Decorate’ Your Booth

Booth for Trade ShowsTo stand out at a trade show, you should dress up your booth. Make use of banners and signs as well as branded tablecloths and runners for your booth. For outdoor trade shows or simply to draw extra attention, you might consider branded tents and canopies that represent your business well. Consider branded balloons to add a touch of fun to your booth while grabbing the attention of passersby. When you use branded gear to decorate your booth at a trade show, you’re more likely to stand out.

Wear Your Brand

What you wear at a trade show is part of the overall representation of your brand. For this reason, anyone working your booth at a trade show should be wearing branded gear. When you use a quality ad specialty company to help you in the process, you can get so much more than just simple t-shirts. Your account executive can help you choose branded apparel that reflects your brand with decorating that really makes you stand out. You can also get wearable promotional products relevant to your industry. For example, outdoor brands can wear branded outerwear or sunglasses, food-related brands can wear branded chef hats and aprons, and those in the medical field can make use of branded scrubs.

Don’t Overlook the Details

Branded Paper Clips

When you’re setting up your trade show booth, chances are you’re going to have some decorations and branded items. However, every item at your booth without your branding is a wasted opportunity. Any forms to fill out should have your company logo, as well as the pens with which people will fill them out. You can use paperweights and even paper clips that have your company’s logo on them as well. If possible, every item at your booth should include your company’s branding, especially items that visitors are likely to take with them. The small details at your booth can really be the tipping point in leaving a lasting impression on your visitors.

Provide Refreshments

Branded Power BarsOne method to encourage people to stop by your booth is to provide refreshments. After all, nothing draws people in quite like free food and beverages. If you are providing refreshments at your trade show booth, you have another opportunity to feature your branding. The packaging of the food you might give out, such as power bars or candy, can feature your company’s branding. The containers in which you serve the refreshments, such as serving dishes, glasses, cups, sports bottles, and wine glasses, can also feature your branding. Refreshments are a great way to draw people to your booth, and leveraging these refreshments with branded gear will leave the impression that stays with visitors long after the trade show is over.

Include an Activity

Branded Charging StationRefreshments are a great way to draw people to your booth, but they’re not the only way. Including an activity at your booth generates excitement and interest in your company. Some people can do product demonstrations as an activity, but there are many businesses and industries that do not allow for live demonstrations. In these cases, you can include activities for visitors to participate in. Depending on the venue, you might be able to have games, beach balls, or Frisbees, all featuring your company’s branding, to draw people in to your booth.

Branded Games


To keep people at your booth longer, provide them with small branded items to play with such as stress balls, slinkys, or puzzles. Another great activity to draw people to your booth is a branded phone charging station. People will come to your booth to charge their phones and stay there and talk to you while their phones are charging. Activities are a great way to generate interest in your brand and keep people at your booth for longer.