Promotional products are a great way to leave an impression and promote your brand. If you’re giving promotional products as gifts or need to protect them, you might want to have them packaged. Using custom packaging for these products can provide an additional opportunity to enhance your message while adding a layer of professionalism to your gift. This custom packaging might include branded boxes or containers for these products, or specialized gift boxes and bags. When you use custom packaging for your branded gear, you have the opportunity to have double the impact.


Why Use Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging is a great way to add a layer of professionalism to your gifts and show prospects that you are attentive to details. When you use branded packaging, it provides an opportunity to bundle a few smaller products into one easy-to-give package, while still promoting your business. Branded packaging also provides the opportunity to customize your gifts. You can place different products within the same type of package, allowing you to provide specialized gifts that are tailored to each recipient’s individual needs.

Applications for Custom Packaging

First and foremost, custom packaging can provide a box for your promotional products that will make them look more professional and keep them protected. Custom packaging is also a great idea for direct mail packages, as your brand recognition will begin before the recipient even opens the package. When putting together gifts as thank you’s after meetings or for other occasions, custom packaging will help promote your business in every stage of the receiving process. Does your business create sample kits for potential and current customers? If so, consider bundling these kits with promotional packaging that can be completely customized to promote your business while suiting the needs of the products inside.

Tracking Prospects With Custom Packaging

Recruiters can use custom packaging to attract and organize their prospects through variable data. Each promotional gift will come in a package featuring a unique code. When prospects enter these codes online, it will take them to a unique landing page, allowing them to select an additional free promotional item. Recruiters can even include different codes on different packages. They can then rank their prospects, giving the most valuable prospects the ability to select higher quality promotional items. Not only will these codes increase interest in the most valuable prospects, but they also allow recruiters to help track prospect behavior, allowing for the ability to organize prospects based on their level of interest. Using custom packaging featuring these unique codes can help recruiters track and organize prospects while fostering prospects’ interest in their company.

As an added bonus, this process gets the prospective hire engaged with your brand before they’re part of the team. Did you know that 45% of working professionals do not feel that their interviewer made an effort to introduce them to the company culture during the interview process? That’s almost half of working professionals! Set yourself apart from those companies and expose your prospective hires to your company culture right away. Show them that you’re a company who cares about its employees and is committed to excellence. Because 82% of people who receive a promotional product have a more favorable impression of that brand, taking that extra step will lead to more accepted job offers and more interest from your top candidates.


The Perfect Promotion | Promotional Products and Custom Packaging

The Perfect Promotion specializes in increasing brand visibility through the strategic use of promotional products. These products can leave a lasting impression on customers, prospects, and recruits, while providing them with a valuable gift that they’ll continue to use. Branded gear is a great marketing tool, but wrapping these products in custom packaging can add a special touch and show that your business is willing to go the extra mile. When you work with a consultant, you can be sure that you will end up with the ideal promotional product inside the perfect package to make a lasting impression.