The holiday season has begun and the end of the year is quickly approaching. For many companies, these two events signal the start of the busiest season of the year. During the busy season, smart companies prioritize taking care of their employees and clients to ensure the best possible morale during this stressful time. One great way to foster morale within your company (and improve employee retention) is to invest in promotional products. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 promotional products that companies should invest in during the busy season.

1. Snacks

Providing snacks is one of the best ways to give employees and clients something you know they’ll enjoy. When you invest in snacks complete with your company branding, it will add a personal touch, and can even add a holiday feel. Branded snacks such as candies, mints, gum, and other treats are perfect for mass consumption. You can place containers of these items around your office, allowing employees and clients to enjoy them whenever they want. Branded snacks are a great way to add some festivity and enjoyment to this busy time of the year.

2. Coffee Mugs

During the busy season, your employees are probably working long hours and late nights. Chances are, they’ll need coffee to keep them going! For this reason, a branded coffee mug is a very thoughtful gift that will keep your employees going during this time of the year. They will enjoy drinking from a new, high-quality mug while they put in their extra hours. Giving your employees a new coffee mug will demonstrate that you know what they need and that you are devoted to making them feel appreciated even during the busiest season.

3. Stress Relievers

The busy season doesn’t just bring extra work and long hours, it can also bring a fair amount of stress! To help your employees manage their stress during this time of the year, consider giving them a stress ball. Stress balls can come in lots of different shapes including the traditional ball, sports items, people, shoes, and more, all complete with your branding. Providing your employees with a stress ball will help them manage their stress while showing them you care. When employees use their new branded stress balls, they will better be able to get through this stressful time while constantly being reminded of your company and how much you care.

4. Calendars

The busy time of the year usually means your employees will have countless appointments, meetings, and deadlines to keep track of. For this reason, a calendar is a very thoughtful gift to provide them with during this busy season. You can choose from a traditional wall calendar, a desk calendar, or even a pocket planner for employees to take on the go. Each of these calendars will be aesthetically appealing while including your company’s branding. A calendar is both a thoughtful and practical gift, helping your employees manage their busy schedules during this hectic time of the year. Additionally, with the year ending, many of your employees might need a new calendar to start out the new year. For a gift that your employees will both enjoy and make use of during the busy season, consider calendars complete with your company branding.

5. Barware

When the busy season is finally coming to a close, your company will be ready to celebrate. To aid in this celebration, consider giving out branded shot glasses, rocks glasses, wine glasses, or other branded barware during your holiday or end of the year party. Giving your employees branded barware will help them celebrate their hard work paying off and let them know that you believe they deserve to celebrate! Employees will appreciate this gift because it is both useful and fun, helping them relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor. For a celebratory gift that helps your employees have fun after a stressful season, consider branded barware.